June 22 Picnic Luncheon, Meeting Minutes and June Newsletter

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016 – Vasona Park

Before lunch a quorum of the Board met. There was a motion from Kathy to disband the group, a second by Carole, motion carried.

There were 33 people in attendance, 26 members and 7 guests, 2 no shows. High Five set up a most delicious barbecue lunch as usual. Steak, chicken, salmon, green salad, potato salad, garlic bread, sodas and water.

President Dan Judnick gave a big thank you to Jim Hastings, Joanna Brown, and Rose Noack for being part of the group that got the Oak Grove Retirees started back in 2000. He then introduced the current Board. He also acknowledged past Board members.

Dan then told the members that the Board had voted to disband the group and that we needed a motion and vote from the members to do that. Jim Hastings made a motion to let the next year go by and have another barbecue next summer to see how we feel about disbanding then. There was no second to the motion. The motion failed. There was a motion to disband the Oak Grove Retirees, motion was seconded, motion carried.

Next, Dan put two considerations to the members of what to do with the remaining monies after all bills are paid and the audit is completed in September 2016. First is give the money to Every Child Succeeds which highlights one student from every school who overcomes great obstacles and succeeds. Second is give to the three Intermediate schools for club activities including Makers Lab. A vote was taken by show of hands. Every Child Succeeds won.

We then held the last raffle.

Respectfully submitted,
Carole Naucke, Secretary


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