Oak Grove School District Retirees, et al. was formed in 2000 when Jim Hastings contacted an exemplary group of district retirees to determine if there were interest in forming an organization.  Each member of the group was well known and respected throughout the distsrict, and each represented a designated segment of the Oak Grove family: Joanna Brown, classified staff; Larry Dauch, principals; Rose Noack, confidential employees; Kurato Shimada, supervisors; Judy Smith, teachers and other certificated staff, and Jim, central office administrators.

The group enthusiastically endorsed the concept, so interim responsibilities were assigned.  Kurato became the first president, Larry was president elect.  Joanna  signed on as treasurer and Rose as secretary.  Judy took responsibility as vice-president for program and Jim as vice-president for membership.

Proposed by-laws were developed and membership dues were set at $10.00 annually.  The term et al. was appended to the title of the organization to denote that membership was open to anyone ever affiliated with the district, e.g. former members of the Board of Trustees, those who had once been employees but had not retired from OGSD, etc.  It was suggested that we begin the first year with quarterly luncheon meetings and then determine the members’ preference for the future.

Letters were sent to as many recent (i.e., the prior ten years) retirees for whom addresses were available.  The first general meeting was held at the Olive Garden restaurant on Blossom Hill Road.  Approximately sixty retirees were in attendance.

The rest is history.  Membership in 2013 is well more than 120 and attendance regularly hovers in the 50-60 range.