President’s Message

Dan Judnick, 2014 President OGSD Retirees, et al.

Dan Judnick, 2015 President OGSD Retirees, et al.

By Dan Judnick

Hello, my fellow retired Oak Grovians!
I hope you are enjoying the rainy weather we’ve had since our last meeting.  Isn’t the rain wonderful? And I’m so happy to hear about the snow in Sierra Mountains – any movement to limit the drought restrictions for next year is good news!

It’s time for another luncheon.  We’re meeting at Mandarin Gourmet on Wed., Jan. 20 at 11:30 (gathering) and 12:00 (serving).  Our speaker is Prof. Nick Taylor (SJSU) who is currently the Director of the Steinbeck Center on campus.  He also teaches creative writing in the English Dept and has published three novels (I’ve enjoyed them all), with a fourth scheduled for release in January.  He has written of the Civil War, the California missions, and now has started a series of detective novels featuring the baseball pitcher Johnny Adcock. I look forward to another speaker in Prof. Taylor – take my word for it, he’s good! Come and join us!

Our last speaker Prof. Bob Rucker (SJSU-Director of the School of Journalism) did a wonderful job as well.  His discussion of the current state of affairs in journalism and politics had everyone captivated as he shared story after story based upon his career with CNN and other stations around the country.  He spoke for over an hour and yet it seemed time flew by!

In other news, since it is the holiday season, we’d like to offer a unique gift idea.  We have coffee mugs with the retiree logo on them.  Why not take some to give as gifts for birthdays or retirement anniversaries for friends and colleagues?  We know you all know LOTS of people out there who can’t wait to get a genuine retiree mug – don’t we?  Let us know of your interest.

Finally, as you know, the Board is going to step aside as of our picnic at Vasona next summer.  What does this mean for members? Unless we can get some replacements, we may be disbanding the organization.  This news saddens all of us.  We would hate to see this outcome occur.  There are a few possibilities:

  •  We are considering a one year hiatus.  We hope that it would allow a ground swell of interest to develop and a new administration might arise with fresh ideas.
  •  Instead of four luncheons we might only do one or two during the next year (2016-2017).

Please consider these options and come prepared to discuss your ideas with us at our luncheon in January.  We on the Board are loath to see our association disband.  Help us to keep the OGSD Retirees Association alive!

In the meantime, I hope to see all of you at our January luncheon.  Please remember to bring along a book, CD, and/or DVD (and other raffle items) along with a can of food as a food pantry donation.

May this holiday find you at a time of good health and enjoying life’s wonderful bounty!

Zivijo my friends!

Dan Judnick, President